Take the next step in the precision ag cycle by letting McPherson Crop Management turn your precision ag data into maps to use as decision making tools. McPherson Crop Management offers three Data Management Options:

VRA Planting Prescription
Yield Analysis by Variety
As Applied Map

1. Advanced Data Management & Analysis
♦ Variable Rate Prescriptions for Seed
♦ Variable Rate Prescriptions for Nitrogen
♦ Variable Rate Prescriptions for Phosphorus, Potassium, Lime
♦ Analysis
          By Planting Speed
          By Seeding Rate
          By Fertility Correlation

2. Harvest Data Management
♦ Yield Analysis
♦ By Soil Type
♦ By Hybrid/Variety
♦ By Recorded Trials

3. Basic Data Management
♦ As Planted Maps
♦ As Applied Maps