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McPherson Crop Management

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Soil Sampling

soil sample using a probe

• 2.5 Acre Grids
• 2.5 Acre Smart Composites by Management Zone
• 4-6 Acre Smart Composites by Management Zone
• 8-12 Acre Composites for Manure Management
Recommendations and prescription files are included.


♦ Stand Counts
♦ Early Season Diseases
♦ Weed Scouting
♦ Mid-Season Bugs & Diseases
♦ Late Season Bugs & Diseases
♦ Yield Checks

VRA Prescriptions

Variable Rate Application prescriptions have become essential in 21st century agriculture. McPherson Crop Management has the experience and tools to create the field prescriptions you desire to help maximize production.

Basic Information Services

McPherson Crop Management’s Basic Information Service Program is a fee based recommendation service that includes pre-season and in-season planning sessions and trouble shooting. It also includes fertilizer, herbicide, fungicide and hybrid/variety recommendations along with a newsletter. Invitations to marketing meetings with guest speakers is also part of the Basic Information Service Program.

Data Management